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November 4, 2011

Incredible Offers on HTC Smartphone Prices in Saudi Arabia

HTC is becoming a very popular smart-phones brand in Saudi Arabia day by day. It is because mobile and smartphone industry is booming world wide. Now you will find more people know about iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy S II and Android operating system. Businesses which are related with mobile or telecom industry using famous Mobile games in their advertising banners like one of the top games "Angry Birds" has been used in many many sign boards. Not only games but a lot of banners use, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail icons. So that layman is getting involved in smartphone. Many people ask me "Which devices is this? Is it an iPhone or like iPhone?" when I use my HTC Desire while traveling in public transport in Jeddah.

Because I am related to telecom industry I would offer latest prices of leading smartphones at my blog and people like it very much. So following are the prices of latest HTC mobiles in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I would highlight the main changes here.
  1. HTC Sensation XE with beatsaudio is launched from Nasa Smart Devices.
  2. Nasa is selling HTC ChaCha & Wildfire S at exclusive discounted price 999SR
  3. HTC Evo 3D is now 200SR less than last month.
  4. Jarir Bookstore is selling HTC Desire HD at special low price 1999SR.
  5. Hyper Panda is offering a Digital Camera when you buy HTC ChaCha.

    HTC Prices in Saudi Arabia November 2011

    Smartphone Models Pictures Prices in Saudi Riyal
    HTC Sensation XE HTC Sensation XE 2690 SR
    HTC EVO 3D HTC EVO 3D 2690 SR
    HTC Sensation HTC Sensation 2290 SR
    HTC Flyer Wifi + 3G 32 GB HTC Flyer 3G 2990 SR
    HTC Desire HD HTC Desire HD 1999 SR
    HTC Incredible S HTC Incredible S 1990 SR
    HTC Desire S HTC Desire S 1800 SR
    HTC Desire HTC Desire 1499 SR
    HTC ChaCha HTC ChaCha 999 SR
    HTC Wildfire S HTC Wildfire S 990 SR
    HTC Wildfire HTC Wildfire 950 SR
    HTC HD2 HTC HD2 2390 SR
    HTC HD mini HTC HD mini 1290 SR
    HTC Viva HTC Viva 590 SR


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