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April 20, 2011

Jarir Bookstore offers HTC Wildfire for Free

Jarir Bookstore is recognized as the market leader in office supplies, school supplies, I.T. products and books and many Saudi cities. Jarir Bookstore is well reputed and highly respected in the kingdom among its customers and among the business community because it offers amazing offers for its customers in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Currently Jarrir Bookstore is offering HTC Wildfire for Free with every purchase of HTC Desire Z, HTC Mozart and HTC HD7.I don't know if this is to end their stock of non-selling device or they are really showing their generosity to Saudi Arabian customers.

The offer is
  • Buy HTC Desire Z in SR 2699 and get an HTC Wildfire for free 
  • Buy HTC HD7 in SR 2699 and get an HTC Wildfire for free
  • Buy HTC Desire Z in SR 2499 and get an HTC Wildfire for free
The more special thing about this offer is even HTC Desire Z, HTC HD7 and HTC Mozart are discounted from their old prices 2999 SR, 3299 SR and 2999 SR respectively.


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