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August 24, 2010

Buy from Souq.com with your Mobily Neqaty points

Mobily in its incessant efforts to offer enhanced customer experience, inked a strategic deal with Souq.com. The renowned on-line marketplace site via its Neqaty loyalty platform. Now, users of Neqaty; deemed the best loyalty program in the region, can use their accumulated points to make purchases on Souq.com.

“Our partnership with the Arab world’s best e-commerce site through our Neqaty program will offer choice and ease of use to our mutual customers while giving a boost to the retail market,” said David Murphy, Mobily’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The deal will help Mobily’s subscribers use their points as good as cash on Souq.com and buy what they need. Souq.com features various offers as E-shopping is the a growing trend, which is why we wanted to give our clients added value and new features.”

Abbass Safadieh, General Manager of Souq.com in Saudi Arabia, put the retail e-market at SAR 3 billion, or a fifth of the Kingdom’s overall e-trade market. Likewise, retail e-traders comprise one fifth of the overall e-trading population.

He said that the deal will boost demand for e-commerce in the Kingdom. “We are happy to have become a strategic partner to Mobily,” he said. “We look forward to a special, fruitful partnership that sees our experience in e-commerce at the fingertips of Mobily’s subscribers.

We invite them to visit our site and register to make purchases, especially that souq.com helps thousands of buyers to communicate daily and trade various goods, all under a secure infrastructure with payment methods that meet the needs of local users.


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