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June 5, 2012

Comparison of iPad 3 Prices in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia June 2012

iPad3 is the 3rd one from Apple's tablet series. After a lot of changes it becomes one of the best tablet computer world wide. Its elegant design, sleek look, ease of use, support to thousands of applications and long battery life inspire people all over the world to buy it. Because of its magical features it is called Resolutionary iPad. iPad3 comes with retina display screen that makes everything look crisper. iPad 3 comes with a 5 MP iSight camera which has backslide illumination sensor, auto white balance and face detection features. It enables you to record Full HD 1080p videos. You can download and install from more than 200,000 apps on Apple iPad3 from App store. Apple's new iLife, iWork, iMovie and iPhoto. To run these apps in smooth manner it has Ultrafast A5X Chip.

Below I am making a comparison of iPad3 prices country-wide. Prices from Pakistan and Prices from Saudi Arabia. For your ease you use I will convert prices from Pakistani Rupees to Saudi Riyals with latest conversion rate. As per today (04/06/2012)

1 Pakistan Rupee(s) = 0.0408155 Saudi Riyal(s)
If you belong to or living in Saudi Arabia and you are visiting Pakistan, the information below can be helpful to decide whether you should buy an iPad from Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.

iPad 3 Price Comparison in Saudi Riyals

Product Price in Saudi Arabia
(Saudi Riyals)
Price in Pakistan
(Converted-Saudi Riyals)
iPad 3 Wifi 16GB SAR 2199 SAR 2020
iPad 3 Wifi 32GB SAR 2549 SAR 2530
iPad 3 Wifi 64GB SAR 3099 SAR 2939
iPad 3 4G 16GB SAR 2649 SAR 2530
iPad 3 4G 32GB SAR 3199 SAR 2939
iPad 3 4G 64GB SAR 3599 SAR 3388
You may see from the above table that Prices of iPad3 in Pakistan are less than prices in Saudi Arabia, only iPad3 16GB Wi-Fi has a minor difference, rest all models has huge price difference ranging from 120-180 Saudi Riyals. Remember I am quoting these prices from Karachi area. However Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore markets are not having huge difference. Only in the small cities of Pakistan you will find higher prices.

1 Saudi Riyal(s) = 24.5005 Pakistan Rupee(s)
If you belong to or living in Pakistan and you are planning to buy an iPad from Saudi Arabia, yourself, or via any of your family members. Please consider these prices as well and instead buy an iPad from Pakistan because of cheap prices than Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

iPad 3 Price Comparison in Pakistani Rupees

Product Price in Saudi Arabia
(Pak Rupees-Converted)
Price in Pakistan
(Pak Rupees)
iPad 3 Wifi 16GB PKR 53877 PKR 49500
iPad 3 Wifi 32GB PKR 62452 PKR 62000
iPad 3 Wifi 64GB PKR 75927 PKR 72000
iPad 3 4G 16GB PKR 64902 PKR 62000
iPad 3 4G 32GB PKR 78377 PKR 72000
iPad 3 4G 64GB PKR 88177 PKR 83000


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