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March 3, 2008

Credit Transfer Service From SAWA

The Credit Transfer Service will permit SAWA customers to recharge their accounts by simply transferring credit from any other SAWA customer line via SMS .
The transfer mobile to mobile service will make life easier for SAWA customers; it will allow people to "borrow" credit from friends when they are not capable of recharging through the physical scratched cards.
SAWA customers with enough credit will be authorized to transfer credit value only to SAWA customers.

Service Setup :
First Step : In order to benefit from this service , you must first activate it , and this is done by sending a SMS to 1500 containing the following :
( * 122 * the last four digits of your mobile number * the new PIN you desire # )
Second step : In order to use this service you must send a SMS containing the following :
( * 133 * the SAWA number you wish to transfer to * the amount you wish to transfer * your PIN # )
  • SR 500 maximum credit transfer per day
  • SR 100 maximum credit transfer per transactions
  • SR 10 minimum credit transfer per transactions


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